interview paper

Write a 4 pages (Typed, double spaced MLA style) Identify, interview, and prepare a bibliographical and professional summary of a woman you know personally who is currently practicing a pertinent field of study. Within the context of your reading on women in the same or related field, assess your interviewee’s background and experiences in her professional field of study.

Due: 7/10/14

Example Questions:

    1. What STEM field are you in?
    2. How did you select this field?
    3. Was there a person involved in your decision to entry this field?
    4. How was your college experience majoring in a STEM field?
    5. Did you have any issues with the male to female ratio in your classroom?
    6. Did you feel your instructors treated you any differently than your male counter parts?
    7. How did you get to the position you currently hold?
    8. Do you currently enjoy working in a STEM field?
    9. Does your company have a female quota to meet?
    10. ETC …