Interpersonal Communication-Listening

Listening is SO hard.


After reading the lecture material, I am giving you an assigment that forces you to focus on Listening.


For one full day- try to LISTEN.  Put real energy into developing your listening ability. Do it at work, with your family, friends, in class etc.  Keep notes throughout the day to see how you suceeded and struggled.


Please write a 2 pages double spaced reaction paper describing your experiences and lessons learned. Be sure to identify what worked well, as well as what barriers you encountered. Work to bring in course concepts and cite the lecture as needed. Demonstrate and understanding of new material as it relates to listening, the communciation process, language, and Interpersonal Communication as a whole.


MLA or APA style


This is due on Thursday 3/30, please do NOT rush, I am looking for quality work not quantity. Please be sure to use the lecture notes attached.


Thank you.