International business research paper using Global Egde

Use the globalEDGE™ site to complete the following exercises:

Exercise 1
The impact of strikes and lockouts on business activities can be substantial. Since your company is planning to develop operations in the Asian market, you have been tasked with identifying the countries least likely to have strikes and lockouts which could introduce instability at any future facilities. Using information from the International Labour Organization (ILO) to develop your report, locate the ILO’s yearbook of labor statistics and identify the three Asian countries with the lowest rate of strikes and lockouts. Be sure to use the most recent data available and include details for each country concerning the sectors most impacted.

Exercise 2
You work in the human resources department at the headquarters of a multinational corporation. Your company is about to send managers overseas as expatriates (or, expats) to France, Russia, Singapore, and Thailand. To evaluate the possible issues each expat may encounter, you have been advised to use the Expat Explorer survey conducted by HBSC and found at the company’s Expat Zone. Prepare a report indicating the potential issues your department may encounter during each expat’s stay in these countries.