Importance of Language and Culture

Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper that includes or responds to the following:

  • Create a definition for language as it relates to communication.
  • Describe how language can vary among cultures and discuss how the ambiguity of language can affect communication across cultures.
  • Determine how face systems based on the concept of language ambiguity can lead to miscommunication.  
  • Why is understanding the study of language imperative to improving communication among cultures in society? What is the benefit of understanding how other cultures communicate?
  • Identify two cultures that you are associated with and describe some of the language you use when communicating with other in-group members. Provide examples of what this interaction is like when communicating.
  • How does your usage of language change or shift when communicating with out-group members? If there is language ambiguity when communicating with out-group members, how do you deal with the miscommunication?
  • Discuss how to address the issue of language ambiguity among different cultures. What communication practices do you use to better understand the language of other cultures.

Format your assignment consistent with APA guidelines.