Imagine you are the supervisor in each scenario described below, and you must decide which supervisory function(s) you would use in each. Many of…

1. Imagine you are the supervisor in each scenario described below, and you must decide which supervisory function(s) you would use in each.

2. Many of the scenarios require more than one function. The “Answers” column lists the number of functions your answer should include. Mark your answers using the following codes:

Code Supervisory Function Brief Description

P Planning Setting goals and determining how to meet them

O Organizing Determining how to set up the group, allocate resources, and assign work to achieve goals

S Staffing Identifying, hiring, and developing the necessary number and quality of employees

L Leading Getting employees to do what is expected of them

C Controlling Monitoring performance and making needed corrections

Building Supervision Skills Scenarios

1- Your group’s work is centered on a project that is due in two months. Although everyone is working on the project, you believe that your subordinates are involved in excessive socializing and other time-consuming behaviors. You decide to meet with the group to have the members help you break down the project into smaller subprojects with mini deadlines. You believe that this will help keep the group members focused on the project and that the quality of the finished project will then reflect the true capabilities of your group. (four functions)

2-Your first impression of the new group you will be supervising is not too great. You tell your friend at dinner after your first day on the job: “Looks like I got a babysitting job instead of a supervisory job.” (three functions)

3-Your boss asks your opinion about promoting Andy to a supervisory position. Andy is one of your most competent and efficient workers. Knowing that Andy lacks leadership skills in many key areas, you decide not to recommend him at this time. Instead you tell your boss you will work with Andy to help him develop his leadership skills so that the next time an opportunity for promotion occurs, Andy will be prepared to consider it. You begin a meeting of your work group by letting the members know that a major procedure the group has been using for the past two years is being significantly revamped. (one function)

4- You decide to present a strong case to support your department’s request for money for some high-tech equipment that will help your employees do their jobs better. You will stand firm against any suggestions of budget cuts in your area. (one function)

5- Early in your career you learned an important lesson about employee selection. One of the nurses on your floor unexpectedly quit. The other nurses pressured you to fill the position quickly because they were overworked even before the nurse left. After a hasty recruitment effort, you made a decision based on insufficient information. You regretted your quick decision during the three months of problems that followed, until you finally had to discharge the new hire. Since that time, you have never let anybody pressure you into making a quick hiring decision. (two functions)