Thanks for the information, Brandi. :o)  I think I understand a little bit about why play might be important to build my child’s imagination and help him learn to communicate.

I don’t understand, though, why having an imagination is important at school.


Why does my son need to play “make believe” to be able to learn to read and write and do math?  


I agree that communication is important, so I communicate with my son all the time; why does he need to play to build that skill?  


If play is as important as you say and as your sources suggest, then please explain how my child will be better academically because of play.

Also, if play is truly that important, then I should be doing more at home to help my child when he’s playing (even if I believe it’s just playing and not important). What can I do at home to help?

Thanks for helping me better understand!

~ Mrs. Fontana, skeptical parent of 1st grade student