i need help and have 4 different questions on the book leadership development studies by phi theta kappa

1. compare and contrast Harriet Tubman and Leo (from Journey to the east) using four qualities of servent leaders, describe by Robert Greenleaf

2. Dennis Coon discusses four types of conflict. What are the four types of and which type is illustrated in the illiad? expalin your choice

3. why is it necessary for an effective leader to be successful in empowering others? discuss “who” empowerd and “how” they were empowerd in Sopocles play “Antigone”?

4. Stanislao and Stanislao in their article “Dealing with Resistance to Change” discuss methods for dealing with resistance to change. How did Dr. Marthin Luther King Jr., in his “Letter from Birmingham Jail” apply some of the methods described by Stanislao and Stanislao?