i have to do an 5-6 page MLA style formal essay comparing Candide by voltaire and Deco’ by j.j. colagrande. more info below

  • no plagiarism
  • mla format
  • no grammar errors please
  • 5-6 pages
  • use citation
  • need to have read both books

These are some of the things you may want to consider:

1. What characters in Candide appear in Deco’ and how are they similar or different?

2. How is Candide and Deco similar in structure and plot?

3. What are the themes of the two books and how are they similar or different?

4. Compare El Dorado to Mile Marker Zero.

5. What do Candide and Deco both learn by the end of their journey?

These are just suggestions. By following some or all of them, you will have enough to complete the assignment.