human resources 531

present a 7-10 minute formal, individual oral presentation with at least four PPT slides (not counting agenda , conclusion or References slides) – that defines, describes and analyzes the type of compensation component you would like to have through your employer that is not currently offered. Explain your rational for need and benefits of the compoent. Address if your request is consistent with your organization’s strategy and goals – why or why not. Explain or attach the org goals. The intro or agenda is to include a short description of the organization, your position there and then a thesis and preview statement. The conclusion is to include a short summary of paper. You must use level one headings in any and all APA papers- which should include the above words (those in BOLD). Use text or other published source for description and purpose of compensation component. Cite any intellectual property from your organization – such as its strategies and goals, interviews. Use basic APA guides and instructor’s Oral Presentation Guideline.