HTML and Web Development

Which of the following cannot be controlled by CSS 

1. Page font size

2. Page creation time

3. Page background

4. Page Layout


2.Please answer tru or false We can use PHP to dynamically generate JavaScripts 




3.HTML is basiccally an XML document 


4.The inline style CSS overrides external CSS when style are in conflict ?



Which of the following application is least likely to be created usung JavaScript?

1. Prompt the user to enter a value

2. Dynamically change the background color

3. Read values from database server

4. Display a different image every 5 minutes


Which of the folowing applications is least likely to be created 

Please answer the following questions. I need the questions answered in 40 mintues please



1. Display a dynamic live clock showing hour, minute =, and second

2. Include a common copyright notice on every page

3.create a dynamic HTML table with 4 rows and 3 coloms 

4. Process user inputs from HTML Form


What is the basi elemts of a web application?



what are three ways CSS can be inserted in an HTML document?


Whrite a peice of JavaScript to change the text of the buttin to “clicked” when the button is clicked. Requirements 

-Write the HTML for the button elements 

Write JavaScript in a script block provided

<scrpt type=”text/javascript”>