HOSP100 2-4 Page essay

For this week’s assignment, you will be preparing a written essay using APA format. Refer to the APA resources provided in the classroom and in our online library for formatting questions.
 Be sure to review the feedback from your previous assignments.

Your essay should be 2 – 4 pages of written content, along with a properly formatted title page and reference page. An abstract should not be included. The content for your essay is described below.

The American Hotel & Lodging Association (AH&LA) is a professional organization that serves the hotel industry, including providing industry data, research, advocacy and education. As a student, you can join this organization and take advantage of membership benefits and relationship building.

Visit the AH&LA website. www.ahla.com 

Spend some time reviewing the different benefits of membership, programs and educational opportunities. Be certain to visit the information Center and view the data that the organization provides to the industry. You do not need to be a member to view this information.

In addition to being a source of information for the industry, the AH&LA is also a source of influence, with a large presence on Capitol Hill. Review the Governmental Affairs page. Read through some of the key issues and click on the link that leads you to review additional issues on which the AH&LA is lobbying on behalf of the industry.
Choose one of the issues that the AH&LA is currently working on. Use the school’s online library to conduct further research on this issue. Your essay should outline how this issue came to be important to the industry, what the AH&LA recommends as far as this legislative issue and why, and how this issue has impacted the industry.
Be sure that you clearly define the issue, using a clear thesis statement. Develop the issue within your essay and include a concluding paragraph.
If you have any questions on the content or format for this assignment, please send me a message or post the question in the Q&A forum.

Assignment labeling:
Assignment files will be labeled with the following format:
Student Name_Assignment Name_Course Identifier Example: FirstnameLastname_AssignmentOne_HOSP100 or Lastname_AssignmentOne_HOSP100
Refer to the grading rubric for guidelines and expectations.

Beginning 5 points/2.5 points
Developing 10 points/5 points
Accomplished 15 points/7.5 pts
Exemplary 20 points/10 points
Thesis and Support
The writing may need a more clearly articulated thesis and/or appropriate related subordinate ideas. Fuzzy logic may be evident and adequate supporting evidence is lacking. 
The writing has a clear thesis and related subordinate ideas supported by clear thinking and appropriate evidence. Logical arguments may be one-sided or incomplete.
The writing has a clearly articulated thesis supported by appropriate evidence and sound logic. Minor gaps in logic and argument may appear.
The writing has a clearly articulated original thesis and subordinate ideas supported by reliable and relevant evidence based on original research.
The writing is noticeably lacking in organization. There is no clear introduction nor conclusion and ideas are neither carefully nor fully developed. Supporting evidence is clearly lacking.
The writing demonstrates rudimentary organization and logical structure, but ideas may be more fully developed and supported by more appropriate evidence.
The writing is organized logically and flows well. An introduction and conclusion are evident, but transitions may be smoother.
The writing flows smoothly and logically from a well-defined thesis. It contains an appropriate introduction, conclusion, and smooth transitions.
The writing lacks clarity and is sometimes confusing. The language chosen is not appropriate to the subject nor the assignment.
The writing is clear but could be expressed in a style more appropriate to the subject. It is jargon-free but may require a more complete explanation of some terms used.
The writing keeps the reader’s attention through a carefully crafted prose style. Language chosen is appropriate to the subject, but may call attention to itself in minor ways.
The writing engages the reader through an original prose style appropriate to the subject. Language is precise.  Sentences are varied but not noticeably so. Active voice is apparent.
The writing exhibits substantial errors in grammar and style so that the basic ideas are lost.  Sources are overly quoted and not adequately documented nor cited.
The writing could benefit from additional proofreading, as some errors impede the flow of the reading. Sources are documented and cited but need to show greater consistency.
The writing may exhibit a few minor errors in grammar or style, but do impair the flow of the reading. Most quoted material is properly documented and cited.
The writing is free of grammatical, proofreading, and stylistic errors. All quoted material is properly documented and cited.
APA format
There are no resources cited.
References and in-text citations are included, but both are formatted incorrectly.
Either References or in-text citations are formatted incorrectly, or too much of the content is quoted or paraphrased, resulting in little original work. 7.5/7.5
References and in-text citations are included, appropriate and formatted correctly. Enough of the content is created by the student.
Timeliness and Format
Assignment is not handed in by deadline and file name is not labeled using guidelines provided   2.5/2.5
Assignment is either not submitted by the due date or is not labeled correctly.
Assignment is turned in by the due date and is labeled correctly.