Global Project Development – Discussion



As a follow up to discussions in the last class, we will examine the advantages and disadvantages of Overseas Development Assistance on recipient Third World Countries. Background Information is already posted -Chapter 2 of core text-EU Development Cooperation Policy.

 The Topic: Is Aid a more effective and sustainable strategy for ensuring development in Third World countries? How would $100 million of donor funding best be delivered-

           1. Through $100 million of aid with no conditionalities or oversight (free); or

           2. Through a larger volume of concessional loans that will be repaid with minimal interest overtime with strict performance targets?


Pleas find two additional resources for the discussion tomorrow.  They provide bacground context to the theme of the discussion. Follow the links.

1. Third World Development: Foreign Aid or Free Trade,  by John Majewski, 1987

2. Foreign Aid for Development Assistance by Anup Shah, April 08, 2012: Please read specifically pages 1-5 and 37-57.