fundamentals of Budgeting

you have been hired as an executive director of a small nonprofit organization. Among your many duties are to determine an annual budget and develop a fiscal plan for the organization.

For this assignment, you must develop a 2-page spreadsheet that you will deliver to the director and staff containing an annual generic annual budget for the RTWMTC.  Using an income of 800,000 per year, you must answer the following questions:

  • How many employees does the RTWMTC company have, and what is the breakdown of their salaries (you may choose)? 
  • What additional costs does RTWMTC have (include utilities, lease/mortgage, phone, etc.)? 
  • What is the surplus or deficit of the RTWMTC?

Then create a one page word document and Explain why it is important for an organization, a project, or a department to have a budget.  Must be APA format.