For Soultion Pro 5.29

1. Select an industry or business that has adopted foundational global standards. What specifically has this company done that will continue to bring a positive impact to CSR from the global standards perspective? Cite your sources. Provide examples and research to support your thinking.

This assignment only has to be one page long.


2. Your task is to review the current status of the company for which you were approved (Starbucks) and make recommendations for changes with respect to CSR. After careful review of the status of CSR, stakeholder attitudes, and your own research, develop a Social Responsibility Plan for this company.

This assignment has to be two-three pages long.


3. Post your thoughts on the ways in which the use of confidence intervals is important in statistics. As a hint, type “confidence intervals in statistics” followed by a topic of interest to you into the search engine.
This assignment only has to be one page long.