For nyanya only!! Choose a book out of the Old Testament


  1. 1. Choose a book of the Old Testament to write your research paper on.

  2. Begin researching and writing on your chosen book following the instructions below:

    1. 5-page minimum (not counting title page or bibliography)

    2. Double-spaced

    3. 12 point Times New Roman Font

    4. 1 inch margins on all four sides

    5. MLA format

    6. The overview should concentrate on the following:

      1. 1)  Literary Content: What is the books outline, i.e., what are the major sections and their themes? What are the key literary styles, forms, techniques, etc. and their significance for the book.

      2. 2)  Historical Context: What is known and pertinent concerning when the book was written, where it was written, to whom and by whom it was written? What period(s), event(s), and situation(s) of Israel’s history are important to the proper understanding of the book and why?

      3. 3)  Theological Purpose: In view of the foregoing, what is the apparent message or distinctive aim of the book as a whole?

    7. The overview will be evaluated in terms of how well it shows:

1) The student’s awareness of major views, debates, and/or authorities on key



  1. The students clarity and succinctness in synthesizing and summarizing key issues.

  2. 3)  The student’s creativity and persuasiveness in presenting your conclusions.

  3. 4)  Grammar, usage, mechanics, spelling, and punctuation.

  4. 5)  Appropriate formatting.

  5. 6)  This Paper must contain a minimum of the following sources:

    1. 2 Journal Articles from the Squires Library Databases

    2. 2 Online Articles about your selected OT Book of study (ex: Exodus)

    3. References from our textbook: Old Testament Survey

    4. 2 other Old Testament Introductions (Academic books titled An

      Introduction to the Old Testament” or An Introduction to the Book of Johan,

      Genesis, etc.

    5. 3 references from the introductory sections in Old Testament Commentaries

      (of the respective OT book)

  1. 2 references to other academic/scholarly sources

  2. Examples of acceptable resources are provided in the Bibliography at the end of

    your syllabus.

  3. Be sure to use MLA citations when quoting or paraphrasing references and

    provide a proper Works Cited section for your sources.

3. This assignment is due in Word format by the end of Unit 7.