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Looking Inward Through the Johari Window

This week, you have been reading about key assumptions of interpersonal communication processes and examining how communicators’ goals influence these processes. The individuals involved in a conversation have their own point of view, perspective, experiences, and insights. Nearly all communication is goal-oriented to some extent, from gaining trust to learning more about each other to even selling products or providing services, whether or not the participants are aware of it. Each individual brings his or her own unique perspective and influence into daily communication to meet these unconscious or conscious goals.

For this week’s Discussion, you consider the relationship between interpersonal communication fundamentals and goals. In addition, you consider how you utilize interpersonal communication in personal and business contexts.

To prepare:

  • Evaluate your daily interactions with people both at and outside of work.
  • Review Chapter1, in Business Relationships Across Cultures.
  • Consider an example of how you have used interpersonal communication to pursue a personal or business goal.
  • Consider how your background, experiences, and point of view influenced how you communicated in your example

Due by Wednesday September 6, 2017

Post at least 300 words using the Johari Window to analyze your perception of how you communicate with others. Provide examples from at least two different business environments in which you have worked. For each example, include an explanation of how you express your self-concept, self-awareness, and self-esteem.