explanatory synthesis essay

this is a 2 part assignment this week  thesis statement, introduction, outline, and conclusion must be submitted

next week the entire 3 page essay will be due.


This week, you will create an explanatory synthesis essay that includes three sources to develop a new thesis of your own from these sources. You will create a clear thesis, outline, introduction, and conclusion for your explanatory synthesis. Now, you are able to use your skills in summary and critique to help critically read through the readings to choose which ones are the best sources for your explanatory synthesis. Remember, your thesis statement should clearly show the reader your choice of topic and the position that you take on your topic. Your thesis will include the main supporting details that you will discuss in your essay. Think about your thesis statement as a road map for the reader. And remember, always use APA in-text citations to give credit to any information borrowed from outside sources. 



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A reading on the Explanatory Synthesis from Drew University.  

Here are some guiding questions to keep you on track with your Explanatory Synthesis.

Read through this short document on writing an outline. Choose one type of outline from this tutorial to submit for your explanatory synthesis outline: Writing an Outline