Event Planing

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1.The White House has hosted an Easter egg hunt every year since 1878. Such a traditional event has been planned each year and therefore its customs, expectations, logistics and infrastructure are well known by the event planning staff. This year the first lady has proposed there will be a pumpkin carving competition somewhere in a large field outside of D.C. for the children of the legislature. How can the event planning team take this idea into reality from an infrastructure and safety standpoint? What security issues exist? Which stakeholders should be consulted? What infrastructure challenges exist with an undeveloped site?

2.I would like each of you to research another annual event (could be something in your community or somewhere else)…and how you would begin to plan this event?

3.When thinking about large scale events, there are usually may different stakeholders that need to be coordinated to make an event a success.  What skills must a meeting planner have to collaborate with a large number of stakeholders…and why?

4.You have been tasked with taking over existing planning for a music event to replicate Woodstock. The client has two goals. The first is to ensure 200,000 spectators buy tickets and the second is to receive international media exposure. Early in the planning stages you identify infrastructure gaps in the planning that are leading to disaster with such a large group. How do you reorganize the plan and get the stakeholders on board? How do you ensure the spectators are safe and have all the expected comfortable amenities expected with an outdoor music festival?

5.As you can imagine, an event planner is/can be liable for the safety of event goers.  Highlight two safety issues that could go wrong, and what steps an event planner could take to mitigate these issues.