ethics help

o Compare and contrast the teleological, deontological, virtue, and justice
perspectives of moral philosophy.
o Determine if the relativist perspective should be clumped together with the four
(4) perspectives listed above, or if there is something qualitatively different about
this perspective of moral philosophy. Explain your rationale.

o Analyze Kohlberg’s stages of moral development and determine which stage best
describes the majority of your coworkers (or classmates). Please give specific
o Speculate on the roles that perspectives of moral philosophy and stages of moral
development play in the committing of white collar crimes. With these roles in
mind, discuss how white collar crime may differ from other types of crime like
burglary or assault.

o Analyze the role of corporate culture in ethical decision making and create a
fictional “best case” and “worst case” scenario for promoting ethical behavior.
o Determine and discuss how leaders of a corporation can use power, in each of the
five (5) forms discussed, to motivate ethical behavior in their employees.

o Consider the level of ethical behavior at your current employer (or school) and
determine if a centralized or decentralized organizational structure would
encourage more ethical behavior among your peers. Explain your rationale.
o Determine how various types of work groups affect the relationship between
individual and group ethical decision making