English paper #6

“Paper” 6:  PowerPoint Presentation of your Researched Proposal

Submit a PowerPoint or PowerPoint-compatible presentation of no fewer than 10 slides and no more than 15 slides with graphics and imbedded notes summarizing the results of the researched proposal. Your audience is your decision-maker – the individual who can approve the proposal you are making. You must use the speaker notes section of PowerPoint to provide the text you would be speaking if you were presenting the slides in person. Include a graphic on at least 75 percent of the slides.  You must have your PowerPoint slides completed one week prior to their due date to me as “Paper” 6 for our peer review in the conference section as Graded Conference Topic 8.

Grading Criteria:

  • assignment submitted on time
  • no fewer than 10 slides; no more than 15
  • speaker notes section of PowerPoint slides (bottom of each slide in work view) is populated with text that would be spoken if the slide presentation was given face-to-face
  • bullet points are parallel in construction and presented in phrases
  • graphics are effective, relevant, and present on at least 75 percent of the slides
  • format and color scheme are consistent throughout
  • contains no proofreading, grammar, or construction errors