Lesson 1.3 Job Skills Checklist & Rhetorical Approach to Applications 

Step 1: Complete the Purdue OWL Job Skills Checklist. Copy and paste the Job Skills Checklist table into a document. Complete the checklist by writing down examples of situations in your working life that demonstrate skills on the checklist. ( i will send you via Private message the completed list, you won’t have to do step 1)

Step 2: Locate three (3) job advertisements that you could potentially apply for. You are also welcome to locate three professional/graduate studies programs to use for your portfolio ( I will send you whay type of career/jobs needed). Compare the skills and requirements noted in the job advertisement or program website with your Job Skills Checklist. Select one job advertisement or professional/graduate studies program that you’d like to apply for. Tip: Make sure to locate job advertisements where the employer information is provided. 

Step 3: If you are applying to a professional or graduation studies program, please read through the following Purdue OWL resources 

  • “Researching Programs: An Introduction”
  • “Researching Programs: Practical Considerations”
  • “Researching Programs: Profiling Your Research Interests”
  • “Researching Programs: Profiling Faculty”

Step 4

  1. Job Skills Checklist that you completed in Step 1 ( i will do that so don’t worry about that part)
  2. Rationale: At least two informal paragraphs explaining why you are qualified for the job or graduate studies program; include information you learned from the analysis above and the Skills Checklist you completed.
  3. Research: If you are applying for graduate studies, use the Purdue OWL resources “Researching Programs” and write at least two informal paragraphs explaining what you have found out about the university and program you are applying to and how your personal and career goals are compatible with the university and program’s outlook.