Ecology HS – Project – Pick a Listed Topic and address/INCLUDE all the LISTED points


Choose one of the following to explain why some leaves fall off  in the fall.  You will present this to the class.


  1.  Write a children’s story to explain topic . 
  2. Draw  and illustrate a comic strip that explains topic . 
  3. Draw a diagram to show and explain topic or powerpoint. 
  4. Write a paragraph that summarizes the topic. 
  5. Other creative ideas to explain topic.


Rubric for grading



Each of the following terms should be defined or explained in your presentation.

 Each  of the following are  worth 5 points if  correctly covered in your presentation.


-3 parts of a leaf–stem, petiole, leaflet                                    _________points


-4 pigments matched to the color                                           _________points


-term senescence & abscission zone                                        _________points


-term photosynthesis & photoperiodism & Dormancy           _________points


-importance/value of fallen leaves in the ecosystem               _________points


-difference between deciduous trees and conifers.               _________points


10 points for a prepared and organized presentation __________points(if you do not present no points for this category)


This equals a possible  40 points.                                Total _____________ 


Extra credit can be awarded for extremely well prepared and/or creativity in the