due today august 31 at 20:00pm Pacific time

1st question

400 words 

There are many professional networking sites available online for free. LinkedIn is one such site that helps connect professionals to each other.

Discuss your experience with LinkedIn or any other professional networking site. How can you see taking advantage of professional networking sites in your current or future criminal justice position?

2nd question

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For this week’s discussion we will explore different career paths. From the textbook, the examples of laddered and latticed paths are discussed, but you may choose to build your own model or some combination of these.

First, make a list of five jobs in the private, public, or international sector that are within your career field of interest. Use your other relevant sources of information to learn more about those jobs.

Then, pick one or more of the jobs to include in a graphical display of a potential career path. For example, if emergency care nursing is the chosen career field, the five jobs might include U.S. Army hospital, city emergency services, global natural disaster response unit, home care nursing, and state health department. Then create a latticed career path with one or more of those jobs; the following example demonstrates how some of the jobs may be interconnected as a career advances.