due today August 25, at 20:00pm Pacific time

500 words social studies class

There are many professional organizations for criminal justice professionals. These organizations provide opportunities for training, grants, and networking, among others. Describe the benefits you receive from a professional organization of which you are a member. If you are not a member of a professional organization, research one in your area that pertains to your career choice. What benefits do you perceive can be gained by active membership? PORAC membership will do for the question.

500 words geology class

Choose either a radiometric dating technique or an index (guide) fossil.  Be sure to describe the elements used in the dating technique, the ages of rock for which it is useful and what rocks or minerals are involved.  For the index fossil, describe the type of organism and the time period in which it lived (e.g. Cretaceous, 71-65 million years ago).