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Here is part 1, the DQ questions: (references are NOT needed, but if you DO use any, make sure to cite!)


1) Poverty can be defined as a way of life that involves no future planning, no enduring commitment to marriage and no work ethic. Some sociologists claim poverty is a culture and follows the poor even when they move out of ghetto. Do you believe there is such a thing as a culture of poverty? Explain your response.


2)  Person-centered thinking places people and their capabilities, interests, and gifts before their diagnoses or treatments. For example, a child diagnosed with cerebral palsy would not be called “the child in the wheelchair” but instead would be recognized by the same traits that any other child might be: “Tommy likes trains and always remembers everyone’s birthday.” Could this practice of person-centered thinking be beneficial to other areas of diversity as well? Why?


Part 2, the worksheet, is attached, and can either be filled out and sent  back, or answered on a doc and sent along with the dq responses.