Downside of Nuclear Power and Reprocessing of Spent Nuclear Fuel

Please write a well-organized and thoughtful five page (minimum) Research Paper examining the topic

1. Introduction – Briefly describe the issue and state the purpose of the paper.

2. Background – Review relevant literature on the subject. This is a good section to satisfy the requirement for five or more primary sources. Be sure to use APA formatted in-text citations to identify sources for information. Note that in-text citations are required even if the information has been reworded.

3. Methods – State how you will address the issue. For example, you could perform a review of related research, conduct interviews, and/or perform observations. If you use a tool such as a standardized checklist, you should provide information from the research literature on the tool’s reliability and validity.

4. Results – Present the findings from implementation of your selected methods. The inclusion of tables, figures, and/or pictures in addition to describing the results in the text adds much to the paper’s readability. Tables, figures, and pictures must have titles and citations. If a table, figure, or photograph is copy/pasted from a source, you must indicate that permission has been obtained from the source or that the information is public domain (still cite the source).

BOS 3551, Environmental Issues 3


5. Conclusions – Present your conclusions and recommendations. In general, your own opinions should only be included in this section.

6. References – All of your references must be in APA format.