Don Quixote movie/dance impression of view

The attendance at the Don Quixote events will be based on a short reaction paper to the events.  The events are meant to work together, so I recommend you plan on attending two or more.  There are two films (9/10 and 9/17), two panel discussions (9/23 and 9/24), and the dance recital the evening of 9/24.  You can attend as many of these as you want, but note that the panel discussions are both the same program, and so you need only attend one (section 42/P4 will be attending the 9/24 morning discussion as a class).  

If you attend two of the events, I want a 2-3 page reaction paper explaining what the subject matter, how the events relate to each other, and your overall reaction to them (what did you learn, what did you like, what did you dislike, etc).  


The film’s story just like the original work


<ISA Don Quixote 2015> Dance of Don Quixote(short itroduction)