Discussion(topic about lucy):

Discussion(topic about lucy):

After completing the assignment, post your PowerPoint to this discussion forum and respond to the following question. Be to respond to two other students’ posts and provide some feedback on their presentations. This discussion should follow the same guidelines as other discussions.


Talk about what you learned from the assignment. What stood out to you the most about your species? Was there anything that you struggled with or wanted to know more about?

I need write something about lucy just like the examples. and need reply these two with 3 sentences each.


I learned while doing the assignment how relevant the finding of Lucy is to this day. There is such an abundance of information regarding Lucy and her discovery, it was especially helpful when doing research for my presentation on the species of Australopithecus afarensis. Searching for images was a little intimidating because there are so many, and I wanted to make sure I was choosing one that was an Australopithecus afarensis and not another species of early hominins. What stood out to me the most about my species was the mixture of primitive and humans characteristics, as there was a clear hodgepodge of both aspects in the anatomy. It would be interesting to see what the species would look like alive and not just as a skeleton. It would also be interesting to know for sure if the species was partly arboreal or if the physical characteristics just made it look that way.