1. What are the three main influences on the global consumer? Explain your answer in detail.


2. The average global consumer is influenced by a variety of characteristics, including: demographics (e.g. age, gender, income, occupation) and psychographics (lifestyle and personality). Furthermore, the average global consumer’s purchase decisions are heavily influenced by the opinions and behaviors of their family, peers, and acquaintances.


3. What types of research must an international marketer analyze to determine the potential of successfully entering a new global market?


4.  it is very important for companies to set lofty, yet, achievable goals. In setting those goals, global companies conduct continuing scans of the enduring sets of environmental factors, which include the following: cultural, social, technological, economic, competitive, and regulatory forces.I

Particularly, marketers must be very sensitive to the cultural and technological environment of different societies if they are to initiate and consummate mutually beneficial exchange relationships with global consumers, while conducting effective marketing research and striving to reach designated goals.