“Teacher tenure has become a debated topic in the field of education”

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  • Teacher tenure has become a debated topic in the field of education. Over two (2) million teachers nationwide have job protection through tenure. Advocates of tenure contend that it safeguards educators from being dismissed for personal and / or political reasons and keeps experienced teachers from being replaced by newer teachers. Challengers of tenure argue that it creates a system in which poor teachers cannot be replaced and the schools retain complacent teachers. Some opponents of tenure even contest that tenure is not necessary due to recent legislation that protects teachers. 
    • Watch the video title “Teacher Tenure: Pros and Cons” located in week 8. You can also view the video here. Compose an argument for or against tenure using two (2) case laws to support your argument.
    • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l57y17TLB44
    • Response to classmate

I am pro educator tenure. Tenure provides teachers who have made education their career with safety and insurance. As the youtube video stated, very few people would say education is a lucrative career. Considering the lack of financial incentive providing experienced teachers with job security is the least the board of education can do. Most teachers work hard to refine themselves and develop their craft including going into debt because of student loans as well countless hours of lesson planning and grading papers. Educators in the US are frequently under appreciated and undervalued as a whole. Providing job security is owed to proven tenured educators. It is also common knowledge that most teachers burn out after a certain amount of time teaching.  Instead of firing or moving away from theses professionals, we should offer an incentive and retirement package to ensure their quality of life. The Cleveland Board of Education v. Loudermill 1985, discusses the wrongful termination of an educator and supports my stance. The case of Vergara v. California upheld a decision to continue to provide the state’s teachers with tenure. Investing in teachers is investing in the future of our country.

DeMitchell, T. A., & Onosko, J. J. (2016). VERGARA V. STATE OF CALIFORNIA: THE END OF TEACHER TENURE OR A FLAWED RULING?. Southern California Interdisciplinary Law Journal, 25(3), 1-39

Vergara v. California plaintiff Elizabeth Vergara speaks during a news conference during the closing arguments of the trial in Los Angeles