Diploma Of Nursing:Assessment description

Diploma Of Nursing

Assessment description

Using the scenario provided, you are required to complete four (4) tasks; develop a work plan, describe the work roles and responsibilities of each staff member, create a work schedule for your workgroup and write a brief report of 350-500 words

It is important that you read the scenario and requirements carefully prior to starting the assessment and seek clarification if anything is unclear. Please note your assessor can only provide more information to clarify the intent of the question, not provide details of the required answer.

1.Read through the scenario given.

2.WORK PLAN: Identify your work objectives based on obstacles highlighted in the scenario, and complete a work plan. You may use the template provided in Your work plan needs to include at least 2 goals (each goal can have more than 1 objective).

3.TEAM ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Assign job roles and responsibilities for each team member. You may use the template provided in Appendix 3. Be careful when assigning job/task roles that you factor in the individual skills and knowledge that each participant holds.

4.WORK SCHEDULE: Analyse and prioritise work objectives in your plan to complete a work schedule for yourself and each team member. You need to provide a rationale for why you have assigned certain tasks to each team member. Ensure that the time you have allocated for work is appropriate so that it could be completed as efficiently and effectively as possible.

5.For each hour on the schedule, write down:

a.The task to be performed
b.The intended outcomes + how the outcomes contribute to the overall goal
c.Any additional information necessary for a team member to follow the schedule effectively.

6.REPORT: Write a brief report (350 – 500 words) outlining:

a.how you incorporated work objectives and priorities into each team member’s schedule
b.what interpersonal skills are required and important to collaboratively plan work objectives and responsibilities
c.any obstacles that your team faced and whether you developed any contingency plans to deal with these
d.methods used to monitor progress in accordance with organisational requirements such as work processes and procedures
e.your thoughts on whether the task was a success or not and anything you would do differently if you were to complete the planning process over again Submit required documents as per specifications below

You must submit:

●a detailed work plan using Microsoft Word or Excel
●completed team roles and responsibilities table
●a work schedule for each of the PCA’s and yourself as the EN
●a brief report on the work plan and project undertaken.Your assessor will be looking for:
●your ability to plan and schedule work tasks
●demonstration of your knowledge of interpersonal and consultation skills.

Diploma Of Nursing

Diploma Of Nursing