Directions:Answer the questions below.  Your written responses should be at least one half of one page in length and should utilize APA guidelines for formatting and citations.  Please cite examples from the textbook, when applicable.


1.            Write about the key distinction between a crime and any other form of prohibited conduct (the state of mind with which a person acts: intent).


2.            Regarding who is a juvenile, explain what one thing makes up the definition in all cases and in all states.


3.            Write an essay on what makes up the juvenile court system.


4.            With traffic laws, The Uniform Vehicle Code applies to whom? Give your explanations and mention the law regulating the use of public ways.


5.            While driving recklessly, Won-Low hits another car and severely injures the driver. Won-Low is cited for reckless driving, to which he pleads guilty. His fine assessed, he serves 90 days. While in jail, the driver of the other car dies as the direct proximate result of the accident. Can Won-Low be tried for vehicular homicide? Explain the role the doctrine of lesser and greater included offenses would play.