Computerized Office Proposal

Currently, all of the accounting for Big Ed’s Motorcycle Shop is done manually. After the first week, you realize that the office would be much more efficient if it were computerized. Ed is a little wary of computer and you will need to convince him to move to an office that utilizes computers. Remember that Ed does not have a computer and you need to explore other software options in addition to accounting software.

Conduct research to locate the hardware and software that would be most effective for an office of this size. You may want to consider growth of the business when conducting your research.

Prepare a proposal addressed to Ed Silver that includes the following:

  • Reasons for switching to a computerized office.
  • Research that you have collected on hardware and software.
  • Estimated cost for implementation.
  • additionally:
  • NOTE FOR HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT:  This week you are being asked to design a computer system.  I want to caution you that in preparing your proposal you must include ALL components of a system.  Put some thought into it.  What kind of software would a motorcycle dealer need?  There are industry specific packages out there.  What price would you need?  Is there a server involved?   How many computers would you need.  (I suggest a minimum of 6)  Be generous and ready for growth.  What else would you need for a complete system? (Don’t forget Internet Service
  • needs to be in APA format and references in APA format