CJ 4499 (2) Assignments for DB (if your References are not good pls do not respond)

My zipcode is 78251 Navarre Florida  Please break each one into sepaate assignmnets so I know which is which thanks


  • Assignment #3 – career planning

    This assignment is to help your fellow classmates as well as yourself to find a criminal justice career that you would like to have and research the information concerning job title, location, job description,  salary information, educational qualification as well as physical qualifications if any exist and any information on applying for this job.  You may cut and paste from a career website..that is fine.

    You will put this information in the discussion board entitled careers in CJ so you classmates can utilize this information to assist them in job hunting.  This assignment is due on or before Mar 11, 2014 by midnight CST.  One point per day will be deducted as a late fee.

  • Assignment #4 Sex offenders

    This assignment is due on or before March 11, 2014.  This assignment will correlate with discussion board #4 and involve some research into finding out how many sex offenders live in your zip code area.  You will need to post this in your initial post ..the zip code you used, the city and state and how many sex offenders are in your area including both males and females.  Also how many are on probation and if you can find the information, an overview of the types of crimes they have committed.  You may use whatever search engine you are familiar with.  I have used famiywatchdog.com or something like that and I think I posted a website in the external links button