“Changes in Human Resource Management (HRM)” Please respond to the following:


The above lnk summarizes the pertencace of HR in healthcare. We are the HR of HC all the way and the most costly asset a hospital or healthcare organzation will have even when compared to equipment.



1, Analyze the evolution of HRM, and provide two examples of how these evolutionary changes directly affect HRM in health care organizations.


2, From the first scenario, examine the role of human resources in health care organizations. Suggest a key characteristic that is required by HR to establish effective relationships with line managers, indicating the likely impact to the organization.





3, Determine which employment laws have the most impact on routine human resources activities within a health care organization. Support your rationale with examples of how two areas of the law affect HR in health care organizations.


4, From the second scenario, recommend a strategy that HR can use to address complaints related to a specific employee rights issue. Provide support for your recommendation.