Case report

I need someone help me to write a 8 pages case study written report and a 8 pages power point version of it . The Case Study report is due on July 3rd at noon, make sure that you read the attachment case and review carefully materials pertaining to Segmentation/Targeting and Positioning., report should include the following: Cover Page Table of Contents Page Executive Summary Section I: Summary of Pertinent Case Facts (about a dozen bullets, incl. those discussing findings from your OWN research on the topic). Section II: Case Analysis (Detailed analysis of Section I points–may take the form of an abbreviated SWOT Analysis + PLC Stage Identification) Section III: Recommendations [Primary + Secondary Target Markets (detailed description in geographic, demographic, psychographic, and behavioral terms); Positioning, and 4Ps–use the PLC Model as a guide for selecting appropriate policies). Moreover, as per my class comments, please keep in mind that you MUST: Give PROPER credit to all your sources (incl. the case text/article) BOTH in the body of the report (author + publication date or, if unknown in the case of materials retrieved online, source URL) PLUS full citation in References section at the end. Verbatim quotes must be in quotation marks. Specifically, a simple list of “Works Cited” at the end of the report is UNACCEPTABLE.