case 1

Case Study #1 – Change Signature



Everyone has a “change signature,” one or more characteristic ways of dealing with change as a change agent, intermediary, and/or recipient.  Understanding your change signature is very important to your effectiveness. You may want to change it, but even if you do not wish to make changes, it is helpful if you have thought about what it currently is.


Describe the characteristic way(s) you initiate and respond to organizational change efforts.  There is no “one” correct change signature.  For example you may be a proponent of radical change, resist any change that someone else initiates, or a combination. 


This paper is not just about your philosophy of responding to and initiating change.  Rather, you should describe examples of behaviors in which you have engaged as a change agent and/or change recipient.  You should link these behaviors explicitly with class materials (that you formally reference), and explore the linkage between the behaviors and materials in some depth.



Times new roman, size 12, 2.5 cm, margins 2.5 cm each side, line spacing 1.5.  2000 words, excluding references and cover page.  In general we follow the rules of APA style. at least 10 references all must be with links and citations. 





Your papers will be reviewed using Turnitin, so please don’t use any information without include the citation.  You are not allowed to copy part of your own papers from other past courses, which is considered as self plagiarism.