Capital Markets Assignment

Assignment 2: Business Plan Analysis

One good way to gain perspective on the capital needs of a startup business is to examine details of business plans for entrepreneurial ventures. Begin this assignment by selecting a business plan from the following source:

  • Center for Business Planning (2008). Business plan samples, software, and strategy. Retrieved August 5, 2008, from

Study the plan then create an analysis table or matrix that identifies and describes key details from the plan that pertain to business creation and expansion. Include the URL to the business plan you selected somewhere above the table.

Next, using terminology drawn from your readings this week, continue your analysis of the plan by providing answers to the following questions:

  1. What core competencies and values will the business possess?
  2. What need does the venture fill?
  3. What is the company’s basic value proposition?

As a final component of this written assignment, imagine a startup business that you or a close friend or relative might have at one time considered. Describe the business in brief then address these same three questions again with that prospective business in mind.