Can you please helpe with my project? History

The second writing assignment this semester will be a report on an archaeological project pertinent to the periods of study that we cover this semester. Students must find an at least 8 page article from a scholarly journal (e.g., American Journal of Archaeology, etc.), a reputable magazine (e.g., Archaeology Magazine, Biblical Archaeology, etc.), or an essay/article from and edited book on the subject. You will then write a 5-7 page essay on the project. Please note that this is not to be a how-to, step-by-step assessment of archaeological method, but a report on a specific project. The report should include who is doing the project and where, what the archaeologist are hoping to find and why it is important (or why they believe they will find it). This should also include the historical background of the culture involved as well as the methodology of the archaeologist (how they proceed with the investigation). The report should end with the projects results and how the results did or did not reveal what the investigation had hoped to find.