Business Policy Analysis

Need to complete a chart about the area of SALES based on the information found on the file attached as PDF. The chart to be filled is attached as well; The table is 2 pages in length. Must fill the chart based on the information found on the PDF file attached. It has to be plagiarism free! Needs to be done by Monday before 3pm.



The table needs to fullfil the following criteria according to the area of SALES:

  • Specific Change Plans for Functional Areas
  • Capability Being Addressed
  • How do the recommended changes (details provided below) help improve the capability?
  • Details of Specific Changes
  • Proposed Changes in Resources
  • Proposed Changes to Management
  • Proposed Changes to Organizational
  • Detailed Change Plans
  • Proposed Change
  • Timing
  • Costs
  • On going impact on budget
  • On going impact on revenue