business law assignment 1


1. Sandy owned a beautiful silver tea set. It was quite valuable. Sandy took her silver tea set to Tiffand Silver, a silver store. She asked Mrs. Tiffand if she could polish the set and repair the sugar bowl. She indicated that she could and that she would have it ready by the following week if Sandy left it with her. So Sandy left the tea set with Mrs. Tiffand. Tiffand inadvertently sold the tea set to Paula Revera, who bought it in good faith for $2500. When Sandy returned the following week to pick up the teach set, Mrs. Tiffand told her that tea set was no longer there. Upon discovering her loss, she sued Paula Revera for the return of the tea set. May she recover her tea set? Why or why not?




Linda Lu owned a beautiful home in Boca Raton. One day she looked around and decided that her house was in dire need of some updating. She hired Charlie Chic to redecorate her apartment. She and Charlie spent some time discussing her taste and her preferences in style. They came to an agreement and Linda Lu hired Charlie to redecorate her home. Charlie’s duties under the contract require a personal relationship with Linda Lu and demand his personal skill and judgment as a decorator. Unfortunately, Charlie is leaving town and now regrets agreeing to redecorate Linda’s apartment. He wants to delegate his contract duties to Danny Decorator, an equally skilled decorator. Under what circumstances, if any, can Charlie delegate his contract duties?