Brief Analytical Papers

choose any 2 of these books below. If you do not have access to any of the books, do not contact me!




Woody Holton, Black Americans in the Revolutionary Era: Brief History with Documents (Bedford Books)




David Heidler, et al., Indian Removal (W. W. Norton) 




Kathryn Sklar, Women’s Rights Emerge within the Antislavery Movement: Brief History with Documents (Bedford Books)


Michael Johnson, Abraham Lincoln, Slavery, and the Civil War: Brief History with Documents, 2nd ed. (Bedford Books)


 Brief Analytical Papers HIS 2040, Wayne State University




You will write TWO brief papers (4-6 pages), double spaced with standard size font.  These essays will be based on the assigned document collections, read in combination with other course readings, especially the Murrin book (Liberty, Equality, Power).  You MUST make active use of the documents in the book, quoting to support generalizations. 


This is not a book report! I am looking for ideas created from reading this document and the use of the book to support your ideas! hence the title anaytical paper.

Lastly ! all instructions must be follwed on the attached document