Astronomy Discussion 3

Please choose ONE of the following questions to respond to.  Be sure to indicate in your response which question you chose.


Question 1 (Chapter 5)

Our solar system was created from a dust and gas cloud called the solar nebula. Describe the processes that took place in this theory of creation and specifically how it came to be that we have a star and planets rotating around that star and the orbital motion is all in the same plane and the same direction. What is your view of this theory and why do you feel that way? 


Question 2 (Chapter 5)

The terrestrial and Jovian planets are significantly different in many ways.  Two of the more striking differences are size and chemical composition.  How does the creation theory presented in the textbook account for these differences, and does this theory seem plausible to you? 


Other resources: Photos and facts about all the planets are available at