Assignment 1: Hoedown by Aaron Copland and Farandole by Georges Bizet

Write and post a critique of “Hoedown” and “Farandole” in “Discussions” under this Discussion heading.  Note each distinct and contrasting character of the music.  State the word count of your essay (500—600 words).  Be sure to cite video timings that pinpoint and highlight your observations.

Keep in mind the three modes of listening described on page 5 to give your observations greater depth and perspective in this and future assignments.  The three modes are not mutually exclusive (in fact, they are intimately related) and a listener can shift from one mode to the other many times during the process of listening.

1) The sensuous qualities of music: Those moments in the music that grab your attention, perhaps due to its beauty, power, excitement, majesty, imagery, etc.

2) The expressive power of music: Your emotional responses to the music.

3) The “sheerly musical” qualities of music: Perceiving what happens in the music–perhaps what notes, harmony, musical form, instruments, voices, etc. are presented at any particular moment.

Don’t be squeamish about expressing your observations.  This is less about “right and wrong” and more about your power to hear, perceive, and express your experiences.  However, I ask that you avoid referring to any musical tension you may perceive in these and future selections as a “fight” or “battle.”  Seek to express these in more universal terms.  In this case, “struggle” or “conflict” may be good starting points.