Anatomy And Physiology Test Questions


Please answer the following questions:


1. When protein denatures, it _______________.


2. Cholesterol is used to synthesize _______________.


3. Protein function is determined by ______________.


4.The building blocks of nucleic acids are _______________.


5. _________ is/are building blocks of carbohydrates


6. ________ are the most important fuel source for body cells.



1.Starch is a polysacchride of glucose that is stored in plants.


2. lipid molecules are characterized by being insoluble in nonpolar solvents, such as water.


3.Cholesterol is the precursor or raw material used by the body for the synthesis of steroid.


4. No other type of molecule in the body serves a wider variety of functions as those served by the proteins.


5. Fat is the body’s primary energy source.