Analysis Using Bitzer Method

I need someone to help me finish this essay. I have the rough draft with a tutor’s comments and suggestions. I would like someone to implement those for me. Here are the assignment details.

We had to choose a rhetorical analysis method: I chose Lloyd Bitzer’s method. The purpose of the essay is to analyse and evaluate 2 texts, Martin Luther King’s “Letter from Birmingham Jail” and Malcolm X’s Oxford Union Debates speech. -must have a thesis -must show how these texts use rhetoric to make their arguments, you are revealing a blueprint of an argument. Go beyond surface observations. -stick with the Bitzer method -argue for which text is more compelling or persuasive, make sure to use the method you have chosen to help explain your reasons. -in the conclusion decide which text is more compelling and explain more. -in-text citations required -MLA style -5 pages please follow the instruction carefully