A-plus Writer

Your Case assignment for each Part is to write up a brief report including a synopsis of the case, answers to the questions listed after the case, a brief conclusion, and a Works Cited page for outside resources. All cases can be found after each Chapter.

You will have the option of choosing which case you want to work on for each Part. Your submission will be graded based on the following (see grading rubric for point information):

  • Brief synopsis of the case
  • Each question should be responded to in a separate paragraph
  • Each response should include concepts and theories from the chapter to support your answer
  • Each paragraph should be written in a proper paragraph format
  • The submission should include at least two business terms and their definitions from the applicable chapter incorporated into the supporting sentences of your answer
  • The business terms should be explained (defined) using your own words or examples so a reader not familiar with the term will have a full understanding of the term (all business jargon should be explained)
  • Your business terms should be bolded, and it should be included in the terms listed at the end of the chapter.
  • Your submission should include a brief conclusion.
  • Works cited should be included if any other resources than the text book is referenced in your answer.