70. ___________ have opened up new horizons for proactive and reactive investigations of consumer fraud because an investigator can begin developing

70. ___________ have opened up new horizons for proactive and reactive investigations of consumer fraud because an investigator can begin developing a fraud case when unnecessary repairs are recommended.

a. Ponzi schemes        b. Advanced fees           c. Decoy appliances/vehicles             d. Accomplice-witnesses

72. In order to successfully prosecute someone for the illegal possession of dangerous drugs the prosecution must demonstrate dominion and control as well as ____________.

a. knowledge of the character of the substance                 b. criminal conspiracy             c. a criminal act in furtherance of the commission of the crime     d. opportunity

73. What are amateur chemists who operate clandestine laboratories and manufacture illegal drugs called?

a. cookies                b. cookers           c. chokers            d. crackers

74. Narcotics have four main characteristics, one of which is their analgesic effect. What effects do analgesics have on the users of these drugs?

a. drowsiness        b. pain relief           c. a feeling of well-being and tranquility                  d. dependency

75. Amphetamine and methamphetamine use produces effects similar to this.

a. heroin          b. cocaine              c. phencyclidine          d. LSD

76. In cases involving a small quantity of drugs, the defendant may claim that he or she was ____________ (the illicit drugs were planted by the arresting officer or his informant partner).

a. flaked                b. raided            c. distracted              d. None of the above.

78. What is a complex computer scheme in which the programmer steals small amounts from numerous accounts?

a. Trojan horse        b. worm         c. salami fraud           d. a come around fraud

79. Public morals laws are usually aggressively enforced in a community only when _____________.

a. a complaint is made         b. another crime is involved          c. an allegation of police misconduct is involved         d. an allegation of police corruption is involved

80. This characteristic most distinguishes the crime syndicate.

a. unity of action          b. corruption        c. death to the informant          d. presence of weak and foolish public officials

91. Investigators should meet and confer with the assigned prosecutor prior to their court appearance to discuss the investigator’s testimony. Such meetings can be criticized by the defense counsel as being _____________.

a. one sided      b. within the realm of the discovery process          c. inappropriate plotting          d. a coaching session

92. This person asks the investigator-witness to respond to “open-ended” questions.

a. defense counsel        b. prosecutor           c. judge         d. defendant

93. This is the most important thing an investigator-witness can do immediately after testifying.

a. impartially examine their performance        b. stop and congratulate the prosecutor                c. gracefully leave the courtroom         d. discuss their testimony with others while waiting outside the courtroom

97. The growth of ethical awareness among criminal investigators as a professional group includes obligations to fellow investigators as a community. These obligations are best described as a basic responsibility to ____________.

a. defined by the “umbrella” code of ethics        b. conform to prevailing practices        c. being a “reasonable person”         d. obeying a supervisor