6100 Discussion 2

Quantitative and qualitative research are the foundations of scientific research studies. Quantitative social science research tries to understand social science by creating quantifiable evidence, like numbers and statistics, analyzed over many different instances to show reliability and validity. You can remember this easily by thinking “quantitative = quantity; quantity = numbers.” Qualitative research tries to understand social science by exploring the totality of a situation, like through observing behavior and monitoring communications, then analyzing them to comprehend the “why” and “how” of the behavior. You can remember this easily by thinking “qualitative = quality; quality = character.” These are very simplistic and generalized definitions that apply to a broad range of sciences, but they are useful as a starting point for this Discussion.

In this Discussion, you analyze the differences between qualitative and quantitative research and conceptualize your own definition of each. Be sure to focus on the specific details of how these research methods are applied to social sciences and human services, providing examples where necessary.

By Day 4

Post your own definition of quantitative and qualitative research. Explain the differences between them, and then provide an example of each.

Miminum of 250 words, please include citations and references.