5 Page interview reflection paper


Interview a leader in your organization who is knowledgeable about corporate social responsibility and possible career pathways that may interest you. Using a structured interview document that you have developed in relation to course readings and our course objectives, conduct an interview about corporate social responsibility and career pathways in socially responsible organizations.  The questions during your interview should be scripted prior to the actual interview.  (Consider the readings on social responsible values, “Strategy and Society,” and the first two discussion forums.)  The goal of your interview is to:  

  1. Learn more about career pathways and career choices in organizations that strive to be socially responsible.
  2. Learn more about the basic premises of corporate social responsibility.
  3. Analyze the way corporate social responsibility is built into decision-making processes and the systemic effect of socially responsible corporate choices.

Reflection Paper:  

  1. Summarize the background information about the organization and what you learned about the organization’s involvement with social responsibility.
  2. Describe the career options within your field of interest related to social responsibility.
  3. Provide your own reflections on the topics discussed during the interview, the ideas expressed by the leader you interviewed, and the movement towards socially responsible decision-making.
  4. Refer to how our course reading support your thinking and the discussion you had with the leader you interviewed. Your reflection should be four to five pages, double-spaced. 

Note well: This paper must be e-mailed to the individual you interviewed with a thank you note expressing your gratitude for their time. Be sure to copy (CC) the instructor when sending this email.


Grades may include a + or – as the report merits them, especially as they fit some or all of the characteristics in a given category or as categories overlap. 




A / At this level the student creates an CSR Informational Interview in the following manner: 

  1. Clearly and comprehensively summarizes the informational interview and the perspectives of the interviewee on corporate social responsibility. 
  2. Clearly articulates a career development pathway as it relates to corporate social responsibility. 
  3. Reflects thoroughly on the interviewee’’s experiences around the topic of corporate social responsibility, how organizations respond to social needs, and the way decision making plays out in organizations related to the topic of social responsibility.
  4. Connects discussion with course readings about CSR.
  5. presents a full understanding of their field 
  • uses multiple paragraphs and sequential organization 
  • presents concrete observations and analysis 
  • balances descriptions with a clear reflections 
  • controls mechanical and grammatical considerations effectively